With over 24 years experience within the retail luxury industry, Sydney is an established executive with a proven track record in business strategy, product development, merchandising, team building and leadership. She gained her business expertise, appreciation for quality handcrafted product and the importance of gracious customer service from the Neiman Marcus Group where she worked for 18 years. In 2009, she moved to Kate Spade & Company where she was inspired by its innovative and intrapreneurial culture where she was SVP Global Merchandising and Direct to Consumer.

It was through her experiences traveling abroad that Sydney first observed many women in developing countries who were without human rights and a voice. These women faced gender-based discrimination that put them at increased risk of poverty, violence, ill health and poor education. Sydney felt passionate about helping to empower and give voice to these women who could not speak for themselves, and knew that economic freedom was a way to do so.

Sydney decided to make a radical transition in her career and in 2013, wanting to integrate her business and merchant expertise with her desire to do good, she helped create a new channel for the Kate Spade & Company organization called on purpose.  Today Sydney leads the Kate Spade & Company’s on purpose trade initiative, which seeks to integrate a group of artisans into the company’s supply chain as a true manufacturing partner. The on purpose model centers on: finding a group of artisans in a marginalized community; empowering them to become a sustainable for-profit social enterprise; and integrating them into the company’s supply chain. She believes in the power of empowerment, and knows firsthand the ripple effect that the decision to do good can have on a global scale.

Sydney is grateful to be able to share the practical tools that she used to manifest her dream job. Using her own unique experience, she helps others navigate their own life purpose through their work when there is no road map. She works with her clients to bring forth and give life to passion when it is often hidden, and teaches how to find or create a career that reflects their highest potential.